The Legislative Committee meets monthly, when the California State Legislature is in session, to review, discuss and take positions on bills that are introduced as well as those that are 2nd year bills left over from the prior year session. We use the services of our paid advocate, California Business Properties Association (CBPA) who is based in Sacramento and is very influential around the Capitol. CBPA takes positions on each bill and gives advice about each bill's meaning and it's potential impact on the property management industry. In addition, committee volunteers travel to industry conferences in Sacramento and Washington D.C. to meet legislators and give input about pending legislation or regulatory reform. The committee will send out a Call to Action to the membership as needed to contact one or more legislators or even the governor to give them our position and explain our concerns about specific pieces of legislation if it were to become law. 

The Committee also writes or sends articles to the chapter office for publication in the Chapter Newsletter every other month. Besides being involved with CBPA we review the legislative and regulatory positions of  IREM National, National Apartment Association (NAA), San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP) and HUD. 



Committee Purpose:  Emphasize political awareness and member participation in governmental affairs.  Keep the membership aware of legislative and regulatory threats to the industry and keep them informed about law changes. Do membership “Calls to Action” as needed.

2021 Goals:

  • Continue to send at least one committee member to Sacramento to attend the CBPA meetings. 

  • Continue the lobbying contract with CBPA.

  • Continue budgeting attendance at the CBPA and IREM National conference meetings for the committee.

  • Increase attendance and participation by legislative committee members at the CBPA and IREM National meetings.

  • Continue with calls to action as needed in 2021.

  • Continue asking for PAC donations to CBPA within the annual CPM dues billing

Committee Chair:   Jennifer Flood, CPM®, Jeff Hickox, CPM®

Committee Members:   Dawn Baker, CPM®,Lynn Dover,Bill Ramacciotti,CPM®, Lisa McCollough, Jay Meyer, Giovanna Garcia, ACoM, Mack Langston, CPM®