Fee Management Registry

The following companies are available for fee management of real property and/or for consulting assignments for third party clients. For more information, click on the  name listed.

Key to type of property managed: 

R - Residential; SC - Retail; I - Industrial; O - Office; H/M - Hotel/Motel; SS - Self Storage; MHP - Mobile Home Park; M - Medical; C - Condos; E - Elderly; Other.


Mike Packard, CPM®
Type of Property: E, C, O, I, R

Cambridge Management Group, Inc.,  AMO®
Linda Morris, ARM® or Kayla Roeder,CPM ®, ARM®
Type of Property: R

Capital Growth Properties, Inc., AMO®
Renee Savage, CPM ®
Type of Property: R, SC, I, O

Mike Paeske, CPM®
Type of Property: R, SC, I, O, E

Delta Property Management Co.
Craig DeWitt, CPM®
Type of Property: R

Evanco Realty Advisors, Inc., AMO®
Craig Evanco, CPM®
Type of Property: I,O,SC,M

Fairfield Residential, AMO®
Julie Heft
Type of Property: R

Fjellestad, Barrett & Short Property Management ,AMO®
Lucinda Lilley, CPM®
Type of Property: R

Griswold Real Estate Management, Inc.,AMO®
Robert S. Griswold, CPM®, ARM®
Type of Property: R, SC, I, O, SS, MHP, M, C, E, other

Harman Asset Management, AMO®
Athena Z. Harman, CPM®
Type of Property: SC, I, O, SS, M

Humphreys Residential
Kerry Webster-Humphreys, CPM®
Type of Property: R, Single Family and Multi-Family

IDS Real Estate Group, AMO®
Matthew Traino, CPM®
Type of Property: SC, I, O, M

KRC Realty
Rich Farmer, CPM®
Type of Property: R, SC, I, O, SS, C

Lincoln Military Housing, AMO®
Marie Sowell, CPM ®
Type of Property: R

M Commercial Properties
Jocelyn P. Lozier, CPM®
Type of Property: O, SC, I

Macbeth Apartment Systems, Inc.
Dirk H. Needham, CPM®
Type of Property: R

Makai West
Jennifer Flood, CPM®
Type of Property: SC, I, O, M

Pacific Coast Commercial, AMO®
Robert Phillips, CPM® or  Mack Langston, CPM®
Type of Property: R,E, O,I,M,SC,SS

Pacific Commercial Mgt. Inc., AMO®
Michael P. McNally, CPM®
Type of Property: Apts, Industrial, Retail, Office

R.A. Snyder Properties, Inc., AMO®
Karen Murphy Gross, CPM®,ARM® or Rick Snyder, CPM®
Type of Property: R,SC, I, O,MHP

Realty Executives
Christine E. Christoph, CPM®
Type of Property: R, SC, C

Red Bike Properties
Shelly Weld, CPM®
Type of Property: SC, I, O

Spectrum Property Management
Colleen Nemeth, CPM®
Type of Property: O, I, SC,PID

Sunrise Management, AMO®
Joe Greenblatt, CPM®
Type of Property: R, E

The Helm Management Company, AMO®
Tom Hensley, CPM®
Type of Property: R, I, O, H/M, C

Torrey Pines Property Management, Inc., AMO® 
Nick Crandall, CPM®
Type of Property: R, SC, I, O, M

Worth Property Management
Tom Worth, CPM®
Type of Property: SC, I, O, C