Competitive Edge Workshop "Don't Be a Target for Litigation!"


June 16, 2021
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM
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La Jolla Reserve
4401 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA 92121

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Lessen your Liability: Managing Risk While Managing Property.
Hear two CPM member experts!

This presentation will address:

  • Habitability:
    Environmental -  Mold, Lead and Asbestos
    Infestation – roaches, bed bugs
  • Premises Liability:
    Slip and Fall
  •  PAGA (Private Attorney General Action):
    Cases involving wage and hour allegations
  • Security Deposit refund class actions
  • Fires



Rick Snyder, CPM, R.A. Snyder Properties, AMO. Founded in 1988, the firm specializes in Property Management and Real Estate Sales. Rick is personally experienced in a broad range of agency representations in real estate, including the sale of single family residences, apartments, commercial investments, office buildings, and mobile home parks; the leasing of industrial and commercial space. As a real estate expert, Rick has become one of the most sought after experts in the field of real estate litigation. He has testified in cases throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Missouri. His vast knowledge of real estate law and his ability to clarify Real Estate Custom and Practice, Ethics, and Broker Liability, has assisted his clients in both sale transactions as well as property management. Rick was San Diego Chapter President in 1991 and President of the California Association of Realtors in 1995.

Robert Griswold, CPM, ARM, Griswold RE Management. AMO, a San Diego-based AMO® with a management portfolio of over 2,500 residential units, plus over 1 million square feet of commercial, industrial, hospitality and retail properties. Robert has actively managed over 60,000 residential units nationally in the past 40 years. Currently active as a day-to-day hands-on, licensed practitioner, consultant and expert witness in all aspects of real estate (except valuation) - standards of care, standards of practice, best practices, industry standards, and custom and practice for real estate transactions, property management/ownership and fiduciary duty issues for all types of residential and commercial real estate – ownership, management, operations, maintenance, health & safety, habitability, mold, water intrusion, personal injury, trip & fall, slip & fall, premises liability, wrongful death, lack of security, failure to maintain, property inspection, due diligence, wage/hour, negligent hiring, security deposit issues, broker or agent failure to disclose; misrepresentation; negligence/fraud & association board duties, and real estate receivership. Robert was San Diego Chapter President in 1995.

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