Executive Council Members


Abigail Joy Rex, CPM, ARM
American Assets Trust
e-mail: arex@americanassets.com


Lucinda Ayers Lilley, CPM
FBS Management
e-mail: Lucinda@fbs-pm.com

Sr. Vice President/Corporate Secretary 

Kristopher Jay Kopensky, CPM
The Irvine Company
e-mail: kkopensky@irvinecompany.com

V.P. of Finance

Dirk H. Needham, CPM
CTM Apartment Services
(760) 603-1000
e-mail: dirk@macbethas.com

Director of Special Events

Mark R. Tackabery, CPM
American Assets, Inc.
(858) 350-2721
e-mail: mtackabery@american-assets.com

Director of Sponsorship

Kimberley N. Arnold, CPM
Atlantic & Pacific Managment Corp.
e-mail: karnold@apmanagement.net

Director of Membership

Mary R. Murphy-Rice, CPM
Riverrock Real Estate Group
e-mail: mrice@riverrockreg.com

Director of Communication

Shirley Marie Robinson-Peek, CPM Candidate, ARM
Sunrise Management
(858) 751-6326
e-mail: speek@sunrisemgmt.com

Director of Programs & Education

Mindi Angulo, CPM
Harman Asset Management, AMO
(858) 454-0101 EXT 103
e-mail: mindi@harmanrealtors.com

Director of ARM

Kayla Roeder, CPM Candidate, ARM
Cambridge Management Group, Inc
e-mail: kayla@cambridgemgi.com

Past President 

Shelly A. Weld, CPM
Red Bike Properties
e-mail: shelly@redbikeproperties.com