Did You Know?

Have you heard of the term “Forest Bathing”? It is another term for communing with nature. Studies in Japan have shown that being outside and interacting with nature improves our physical, emotional and mental state. In Japan, Forest Bathing has become an activity for relaxation and stress management. Contact with nature can decrease anxiety, depression and anger. 

New studies have indicated that Forest Bathing increases your immune system to help fight cancer.  So as the new year blooms, go out and commune with  nature:

• Take time each day to be in the great outdoors

• Go on a hike up a mountain or along a trail

• Take a walk or a bike ride around a lake or a park

• Slow down and breath in the fresh air

• Engage your senses and tune into all of the sights, sounds, and smells while outside

• Appreciate the warmth, the wind and the colors in the outdoors

• Touch and feel the rocks, trees, bushes and flowers 

• Plant a garden and get your hands and feet dirty

Now go hug a tree.


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